Saturday 28th November, 2015


Massive week on course this week so let’s get stuck in………

No greenspeed due to coring.

Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to coring greens and dethatching fairways.

Volunteers ran the dethatcher over every fairway after marking sprinklers etc to ensure no damage occurred.

After which they ran the rough mowers over the top to clear the fairways of debris.

Youki was also here over the 2 days assisting with clean up. On Wednesday staff did a follow up clean only to have everybody’s hard work undone by the massive wind storm on Thursday.

On Friday Bruce and Youki performed a small miracle cleaning up the course again, ensuring majority of areas in play were cleaned of debris. Well done guys. There is still a lot of cleaning to do next week on fairways with the last of the dethatch debris to be removed.

Staff and volunteers were also concentrating on coring greens, adding soil amendments and Topdressing with sand.

The bunker at 7 is taking shape with all the fill in place. Final shaping will occur next week and turf will be laid following Monday.

The next couple of weeks staff will concentrate on whipper snipping and bunker spraying. 

Good golfing…

Friday 13th November 

Greenspeed: 11

A lot has been going on over the past couple of weeks on course. 

Monday Boys have cleaned up the left of the 5th in the hazard. The green now can be seen from the left of the tee more clearly. Further works will continue after the busy Christmas period. 

Last weekend the greens suffered an algae bloom. On Monday staff double dethatched, double cut then sprayed liquid iron and nitrogen. This burned off the algae and returned the greens to better condition. 

Busy golf week this week with Flinders visit on Tuesday and vets on Thursday. Staff out and about dodging golf balls while prepping for the final round of club champs. 

Watch out for ducklings around the place. Daddy ducks have a tendency to get nasty when you get too close to the young ones. I found out the hard way last Sunday afternoon lol!

Youki got a promotion this week up to our 1445 rough mower. As time progresses he will be learning more machinery in our fleet.

The fence along the boundary at 14 is now electrified. Additional signage will be posted at the ladders next week. 

There are a lot of clippings in the short rough on front 9 due to lowering the heights on the mower. This is in preparation for the summer period; spraying growth retardants to allow staff to not cut as frequent so other jobs can be done on course.

Good golfing…

Thursday 22nd October, 2015

Green speed: 11

Busy week preparing for championships for both ladies and men this week. Despite a few setbacks the course is presenting well thanks to the hard work of staff and volunteers alike.

Monday boys this week cleared all the trees and weeds growing through the drains out the front of the 14th tee. It makes quite a difference, opening up the entire fairway from the tee. Slicers like myself can now see the ball sail out towards the 11th near the Pines….. :p

This week staff have been going flat out on mowers trying to keep up with the grass growing at a phenomenal rate. Today I applied a fungicide and growth retardant mix to the greens as a preventative for disease and slow the winter grass (Poa). 

Holes will be set late in the evening tomorrow to ensure that players in the AFL day and Saturday champs don’t play the same pin positions. 

Brown water in the drinking fountains and taps??????

A few members have asked me this week about the colour of the water for drinking on course. This is due to the recycled waste water quality not being the best at the moment…. Kidding!!! All drinking fountains and taps are fresh water on course and PIGC have strict guidelines to adhere to from the EPA. This is to ensure no cross connections contaminate drinking water. On Wednesday we also had our 12 month inspection with Westernport Water to ensure no breaches. The reason for the brown water is it is sitting in the pipe for a while. Leave it running for a moment before drinking and it will clear. The recycled water used for irrigation on course is 100% class A.

It was nice to speak with many members this week, enjoying their round and complimenting the course. 

Next week we will be applying growth retardants to the back 9 fairways and applying Nitrogen to the greens. We also have a few issues on the irrigation system to deal with – sprinkler replacements and a leak on 13th.

Good luck to all playing in the champs over the next few weeks.

Good golfing.